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TOKONOLE/SEIWA Leathercraft products information

BURNISHING GUM for flesh side and edge of leather

TOKONOLE is supported by the professional leather creators and lovers of leather craft as the very best product of flesh side and cut edge of leather and polish evenly with the polish tool. It’s history goes back to more than half a century. Over the years we have continued to improve upon this technique.
TOKONOLE contains natural wax and is easy to apply with an appropriate viscosity. It can compress the leather without leaving any fluff. It works as a fluff inhibitor for a long time.


[Clear]500g /120g


Clear 20g Order No. 17707057
Clear 120g Order No. 17707050
Clear 500g Order No. 17707053
Brown 120g Order No. 17707052
Black 120g Order No. 17707051

Even for Beginner

Even a beginner can make the piece evenly. TOKONOLE is very easy to spread so even a beginner can apply it very easily. The component of TOKONOLE soaks deep inside the fibre and inhibits fluff from the root.

Shine and Gloss

Spread the TOKONOLE thinly on the leather and polish evenly and lightly with the tool. You can get a beautiful edge and back side. As for the timing to polishing, is when TOKONOLE is half dried.

The flexible and durable coating with natural wax

The leather finish by TOKONOLE is glossy with natural texture and flexible coating film. The glossiness is due to the work of very specially selected natural wax. Natural wax can give warmth and flexibility and blend with the leather nicely.

Can be used for vegetable, chrome and combination tanned leather

TOKONOLE can be used for not only vegetable Tanned leather but also for chrome and combination Tanned leather. The method of application is the same but the finish is different according to leather texture. After application the finish of soft leather will normally have a strong texture.

Can be dyed, Refinishment and Repairing

Since TOKONOLE is water soluble you can use any other finishing agent or pigments later. When you use "COVA SUPER " or " COVER " you can apply TOKONOLE polish. You can get a beautiful edge of leather. You can also repair the edge of leather by polishing the fluffy part with TOKONOLE.

Expiration date

3 years unopened (Keep in cool and dark place )
1 year after opening
TOKONOLE is manufactured in a clean and hygenic factory with strict quality control.

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